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Welcome to the Website for Pure Spirit Creations. We are a start-up Membership, Communications and Project Management site. You can access the website for Pure Spirit Therapy Clinic and Creations Consultancy from here, they are two of the services that we are developing. Pure Spirit Creations is the Project Manager for all of the enterprises, additionally, it is the communication, information and administration hub which promotes and administers all Memberships/Networks and deals with all your enquiries. We will actively seek to offer great quality and value throughout your Membership, participate in our growth and evolution and you may have share options in the future.

Pure Spirit Creations

All the Best | 07 January 2014

Lola Opeyokun, P.S. Director(Proprietor)


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In the Pipe Line.......

Members will have access to more of the business plan, for example, the marketing and sales strategy and financial forecasts, useful for those on the entrepreneurs and business start-up networks. Pure Spirit Creations has many ideas for events and activities. The concept for WST; Workshops,Seminars and Talks is nearly finalised!

The Members will receive insightful and interesting knowledge,information, debate and analysis, via our periodic newsletter "Text 2 Testimony" and you may even be able to do this!

I am an emerging, but not a perfect designer, that works with progress, nature and technology, so I hope to produce well crafted products and services especially our treatments,and facilitate good events, where as a Member, and as networks, you will enjoy our events alongside eating good food and beverage.

In the Pipe Line.......

Is an Ounce of Practice Worth a Tonne of Theory?

Before the revelation, I would have persued a more academic answer, literally and figuratively, thinking of academia. After the revelation, I realised the Answer is "Talk is Cheap" and immediatley the opposite came into being, that it becomes expensive when you are a master and can speak or conceive things into being, as in Genesis, the story of Creation.

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Royal Mail delivery van near Museaum of London Your Membership card is personalised with your name and your unique Membership account number. There may even be space for you to sign it at the back, just like a Credit or Debit Card, indeed, you may be able to make deposits and withdrawals from the Knowledge Bank in the future and many years down the line, the cycle of good wealth! You should receive it sometime after you become a Member, but we will keep in contact with you, to let you know when it has been dispatched alongside your seasonal promotional gift.

Removing Obstacles

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Removing Obstacles | Elephants are spectacular creatures with great physical prominence and a rich cultural history, mainly found or originating in Africa and Asia they have a great spiritual significance. Elephants can reach up to 4 meters and weigh up to 7000 kg, if there was ever an obstacle in your way this creature could remove it. When people talk of numbers, I often talk of weight, because it is usually the weight or substance, rather which usually tips the scale. And the expression Wait /Weight or patience, is always required in any form of deliverance and of course the time involved is relative. Elephants have features that make them inimitable and very crucial creatures their ears are used to regulate and control the temperature of their bodies and “they communicate using seismic communication or vibrational rays of the substrate, they are herbivorous and eat leaves.....Read more

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Depending on when you join, you should receive a Seasonal Promotional Gift, it may be something for the house or may be gender specific. We're developing our expertise of fabric and prints at the moment, so it may be of that nature or it may be just a pen! This will be sent to with your Card, but again, we'll let you know nearer the time.


We'd like to thank you for becoming a Member, we really appreciate your support, being a new business, there is lots of work to do, as you might imagine, and lots of Envy, which you might not, according to your calibre. We are working to protect our site against this, as admiration is of better quality, productive and resourceful.......... Thanks Again

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cooking ingredients, garlic, pepper and herbs Pure Spirit Membership is uniquely about progress, sometimes it’s slow and sometimes fast; we endorse continual learning and development on a multitude of levels. Pure Spirit Creations will continually roll out new features and Membership services over the next 12-18 months. Your Membership will begin with a few basic features. Membership Features | Find Out More


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