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Our Promise

Life is supportive to the extreme, beyond our mere mortal words. This gives us energy and makes us extremely appreciative. We figured, all we need to do is extend this to our Members to the same extent that we are appreciated, which is whole heartedly, without compromise and at any cost! We can always tell if you’re unlike us!

Archetype Multiplied

Anyone from any of the network categories can apply become a Member of Archetype Multiplied/Outer Circle. Your Membership status is that of an Outer Circle Member! There is a limit of 40,000 in the outer circle, which consists of two groups, one split into two dimensions, as you'll see below. The Inner Core also has two parts. However, you cannot apply directly to The Cool or Hot 400 and 4,000 respectively and equally spaces in the outer dimensions are generated by the Outer Circle, 40,000.

When a Member signs up to Archetype Multiplied, Outer Circle, it creates spaces for Membership in the Outer Dimensions 1 and 2(considered one group). This is based on the percentage of 0.1% of 4,000, 40,000 and 400,000 and 4,000,000. Those in the dimensions are considered avid Archetype product and strategy Supporters and the more Outer Circle 40,000 Members, the more possibility of shares, for those in the outer dimensions, but of a lower value.


Outer Circle 40,000

The only group that is guaranteed to be offered shares is the Inner Core and Archetype Multiplied, Outer Circle, 40,000. The more Members that sign up to the Multiplied Outer Circle, the more product Supporters Memberships become available or will be created in the first year. Members just pay a one off fee of £10.00, just to secure the option of shares as our success increases. Membership of the second dimension is free, but they would be next in line to be offered shares, after the first dimension, if a Membership fee is introduced. If we introduce a fee to Members of the second dimension, it's a sign that we're doing well!
Read about THE HOT 4,000 here!
Promotions and Special Offers

Create Your Own Master Circle

This is an exclusive offer! Sign up before the 22 April 2014, using your promotional code and you can create a Master Circle of 11, 22 or 33 Members from the network categories. We'll send you an email confirming that you will have first priority when the Dimension 1 and 2 Memberships are advertised as being available.

Being the Head of a Master Circle will bring unique Membership benefits when the Outer Circle 40,000 is up and running.

Inner Core

The Cool 400 - Nucleus
The Hot 4,000

Membership spaces are generated by sign up to the Outer Circle 40,000, e.g. 40 Outer Circle Members produces 4 Inner Core Memberships, 400 in Outer Dimension 1 and 4,000 in Outer Dimension 2. If we receive an abundance of applications at once, we will apply the same workings in another manner, perhaps based on Time or an artificial forecast.

Archetype Multiplied

Outer Circle, 40,000
Outer Dimension 1, 40,000-400,000
Outer Dimension 2, 400,000 - 4,000,000

Membership spaces generated by the Outer Circle 40,000, in the Outer Dimension 1 and 2 are considered Product or Archetype Supporters, committed to our prosperity, waiting to become Members, hopeful of a successful product strategy.

Membership Features

Archetype Multiplied
Outer Circle (as per Membership Features page)
Outer Dimension 1
Supporter newsletter, online store discount,
WST online, Astro, T2T newsletter, Supporters
Membership card and product news - £10.00/1st yr
Outer Dimension 2
Supporters product and Membership news - FREE
How do I get into The HOT 4,000? To become a Member of The Hot 4,000, you must be, by your own analysis, stronger than most other Members. You decide.

When analysing, you will be asked to consider Intellectual Capital and use one of our key tools, the primary one being relativity. If you are an academic or a senior person in some way, you are entitled to use the tools that you like, but you may be asked to share your analysis with either the people within your Network/Sub Network or the whole of the Archetype Membership Network.

Spaces are allocated on a first come first serve basis and no other Member can object to someone being a Member of The Hot 4,000, unless they use another of our primary tools, Hypocrisy. This must be demonstrated using Text 2 Testimony Newsletter and Application/Feature, but must be light hearted, respectful, tasteful and elegant. The Cool 400 are Exempt!

The entry to the HOT 4,000 is proportional to a full Membership network. 0.1% of 4,000,000 is 4,000. If there were 0.1% of 4,000,000 Members, for example, there would be 0.1% of 4,000 HOT 4,000 places available, representing 4.

Whenever there are spaces available we will inform Members, this may be in conjunction with other promotions, prizes and competitions.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with shares or company formations, you can find out about how shares are allocated from any bona fide and trusted website or from a book that deals with company structures, such as a limited company. We will cover this from a legal perspective, at some point during your Membership and prior to our incorporation.
The Networks Introduced
Over the next few weeks, we'll be adding snippets about the networks. They're not in any particular order, but you can find the one that you might like to join by scrolling down or by using the links at the top of the page. Most of the networks are linked to our product strategy and some of the other concepts and services. You may also find posts on Facebook or Tweets on Twitter relating to your category, especially when Membership numbers accrue. Our Director has ensured that she has studied or practiced formally or casually, to greater or lesser extent, in most of the areas and is naturally gifted or talented in others, like you, she has a great passion for many of them. Pure Spirit Creations is all about purpose and meaning, some posts might not clearly stand out as being to related to your category, but use connection, corollary and similarity.

Dynamic, Visionary, Strategic Planner and Implementation Genius?

Are you an Entrepreneur or have you similar unique qualities? We aim to create a network of 3,800 - 380,000 Entrepreneurs. Business owners small or large, innovation and originality is what’s needed in this climate and this is the network to belong to!

No matter how big, companies need to remain authentic. We’ve got a mountain of enthusiasm, inspiration, mechanisms to generate new ideas, and we want you to be a part of a network committed to research, development, product and service improvement, with all the talent and expertise that you’ll need. Custom and tailor made Events, Packages, Health and Life/Style, Archetype will have everything that you need to begin and all that you need to sustain.
Executive Management

We Always Imagine You’re Laughing At The Top, Not Lonely!

Executive Management can be taxing, we’ve have a Membership that appreciates your life. Your positions are well earned and respected and it would be our privilege to reward you. Archetype is innovative, professionally managed and well organised. Join our youthful and energetic network, with a wealth of dedication and talent.

We’ll contribute to effective human/resource management and development, serve all of your executive coaching requirements through natural and direct stimulus. WST will have a profitable impact on strategic thinking, ideas, and product & service improvement. You’ll be one of 2/3 groups connected to The Nucleus. Most of all, its fresh and we think you might simply enjoy it!
Travel & Outdoors

Out Of The Ordinary....

A traveller or excursionist, unconfined to routine, a sight that sees, meeting new people, welcoming/ understanding cultures and experience. More an excursionist requiring your vigorous nature, usually nature itself? Be a part of over 1,900 Archetype Members, travel is a main benefit, only you can further the success of this feature.

We aim to organise and facilitate travel for at least 40,000 Members. Preparation for a trip abroad can only make it exciting and safe. WST and the Pure Spirit Therapies will be just the treat to make your time away an even more valuable experience, complimenting your work, passion or tranquillity. Being connected to a few sub networks, may bring opportunities.

Promoting Healthy Advice

With a network up to 100,000, Archetype is a great way to connect. Employed for a large corporation? You will still benefit! This network is geared towards developing quite precise and specific intellectual tools to bolster an unimpeachable skillset. Attend WST and regularly tune into T2T to gain access to inestimable knowledge and information. The Consultant/Advisor network is one of few with a graceful relationship to many others. The choice of traveling with other professionals for either relaxation or a quite an attentive work agenda. With many specialised therapeutic packages, we take the stress out of organs you rely upon to give healthy advice, ameliorating you to keep them galvanized and invigorated.
Spiritual Adherent

The Power To Travel With The Mind?

With a Network capacity of 255,000 is this one of the most exciting groups? The opportunity to participate in the soul potential training programme, extend your natural motivation and discipline to entrepreneurialism. We combine wealth creation, the physical, developing spiritual gifts and abilities with travel/retreats. Encouraging the manifestation of supreme wisdom and understanding to learn and apply the laws of the universe, understanding technology, practicing dream yoga, cultivating creativity and healing abilities through visualisation and mediation. Exploring the environment beyond time and space and nurturing the powers of your mind to enhance well-being, creating a peaceful, loving and protected environment free from disruptive energies.
Promotional Gift You'll be entitled to a FREE Gift when you join the Outer Circle, 40,000. We've got big plans, but we're still small, so give us some rope, it will be with you within 21 days to 2 months. T&C Social Media
Sign Up Questions? Email Holly Elle, Our Virtual Marketing Assistant If you need to speak to someone, just call Ms Lola Opeyokun, Director, Proprietor (0) 203 648 5057 T&C Social Media
Film & Music

"Watch this sound and Listen to this space, see past the expression on a constructed face" | There’s always a Judas in life and this network has banned them. They may be a theme in every drama, but what would life be without the disruption of the Antagonist? Ever wondered? Can you write a script or direct a movie without one or as a producer, ever discovered the antics of one before disaster struck, doing dodgy deals behind your back, trying to capitalise and earn from the film before its even gone into production, selling the rights to the movie that he doesn’t even own? Are they instrumental or are you?
Do you love to play instruments, write and compose music - crotchet and quavers? Can you create a backing song or piece to the rhythm of life’s dramas, can you? Can you? With this network we create, analyse and reflect on all different types of music from Rap to Opera and no doubt with our events and WST, valuable connections, and we mean in the context of a harmonious astrological connection, will inevitably produce good films and music.

Film and Music can explain much about life, both conscious and unconscious dimensions, higher and lower octaves. It can communicate things that are not even part our time, the likelihood of the future! If you’ve ever listened to the words and studied Heat and understand anything about biology, you’ll know that the man has come into contact with some very low human beings and the only way out is to Get Rich!

We know only too well the antics of such people, Jesus was far more compassionate then we’ll ever need to be. We could have all the compassion in the world, if we could rise again, like nothing had even happened – it’s the best and the highest attitude, it’s quite simply The Way! But just like the Matrix, it’s all real and you die in the Matrix. But when all is said and done the Protagonist has the opportunity to be reborn because of his adversary, because can you ever change what will always be? It’s our only antidote! We know all the endings to a perfect script and you’ll discover more about this phenomenon on this network. With 1, 900 to 190,000 Members there will be many opportunities to network and contribute to developing a platform that can really show case talent and understanding.
Philosophers & Thinkers

With a network of 2,400 to 240,000 Members this network runs through many, if not all, of the main features. What is Philosophy? Is it an apprehension of the inner dynamics of life or is it a reconciliation of life’s complexities, so that your thinking of it is governed by some sort of poetic structure or vision? The way that you see it or the way that it appears or presents itself to you? Does it entertain you or your mind, does it ask you questions or does it give you answers or both? Are you predetermined to look left or to the right. Why?

This network is concerned with learnt, natural and applied philosophy. It examines all of the structures that we rely upon as fundamental building blocks that create life or existence to afford meaning or some value. What is life, existence, meaning and value? Who is asking the question and who will answer it? Why? Have you developed your own philosophy? Is it solid? How did you arrive at it? When you studied Philosophy or something similar at University or whilst completing your PHD, did life make sense?

This network is connected to Film, Music and Travel. There will be specific tools being contemplated and designed to help expand and increase the powers of your mind to think and see clearly. Most of all, this network is charged with the responsibility to resolve. It can be done, it has been done! There is an end to the starting point that c annot be reignited with arguments of perspective, positioning, relativity, time or anything else. It may be a complex calculation, but there is only one possible answer, other than the one that is to say that it cannot be answered right now because the time is not right.

This network will have a strong contribution to the development of the Knowledge Bank and software joined to the Spiritual Adherent network by the topic of Technology. As a Philosopher or Thinker, you’ll know how strong you are because life, quite naturally, should be informing you that your rational or sense of reason is more or less correct.
Civil Law/Legal

Who's Judging You? Accept Yourself | The great tests are often found in Law, who’s on trial is sometimes hard to discern, the client or the Lawyer. Would you bring a claim against yourself? Are you sealing your own fate? The Law of Karma is often described as one that is automatic, self-governing, it will be by your own actions and there’s no one really judging you - “accept yourself”! Is this at all possible, to be happy with who you are? When you are, can you present a case, where it appears that no wrong has occurred? Is the test one of hypocrisy? Would and how would you represent someone who has a grievance against the kind of person that you are, your very own actions in some mirrored, reflective or symbolic illumination.
When you bring a case before a Judge, are you reconciling or defending yourself. When you say to client that I can’t defend or represent you, but I know someone who can, is that an honourable step, an acknowledgement of ones shortcomings?

It’s an area where there is so much potential and it’s quite clear the skills and extraordinary abilities that are required for the profession to reach great heights, and quite literally, it’s height that is obligatory. It’s only from above that you see the completest picture, a panoramic view and to capture the detail one requires a magnifier or the ability to descend. Only God can Judge, is quite app!

It’s a controlled setting, where people represent an important part of natural life, but when judgement is weighed up, it can never really take full account, it’s more a snap or screenshot, where you never really work from the basis of an entire picture in some way. Being a part of the legal profession, should, in theory, make you “a” or “the” better man; it should clear your conscience and set you free to do other things.

This network is linked to the topic of potential because it’s inherent in the profession, once you’ve passed all the tests, there is natural movement uphill! With a Network of 2,200 to 220,000, this network will explore the law of similarity, the next level, the reconciliation between constructed and natural law, the use, application and importance of time in law, development and exploration of supernormal abilities and a creative and design orientated WST. As with the Consultant/Advisor network, there is a natural connection to many of the others and a dedicated section in T2T to developing a picture-perfect skillset, also we will design specialised therapeutic packages to ensure your crucial wits maintain there virtuosity.
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