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Pure Spirit Events aspires to be cherished for adding to good memories through creating, planning, organising and facilitating imaginative and sophisticated events, with an interesting central theme or idea, ranging from workshops, seminars, conferences to parties, exhibitions, performances incorporating media and technology all enveloped in a lively and vibrant atmosphere.

Pure Spirit aims to organise the most enjoyed and appreciated social and networking events in London, and though they may be small-medium sized affairs initially, as our Events become suave we will be more adventurous, our increase in confidence will be well positioned to help us to make the transition from a small events division to taking on the responsibilities of events & management, Live Art and WST, all of which form part of the business plan of Universal Root Causes.

Pure Spirit will seek to attract and bring together companies and organisations across multiple industries and sectors, offering a range of ideas for motivation, team building, stimulating innovation, creativity, intelligence and design, suggesting customised events that assist with meeting our client's objectives.

Making the Right Connections

Pure Spirit aims to invoke a feeling of happiness and surprise especially after the event, the feeling that customers have had an enjoyable experience, that they have met people they have really appreciated or connected with. Pure Spirit intends to contribute to the creation of meaningful,rich and long-lasting connections between people and organisations so that customers share the experience they have had with others, encourage them to become Members and attend future events, so they too can experience the benefits that our events bring.

Our Goal is
Membership Satisfaction

  • To receive professional acclaim or status for demonstrating extraordinary planning and organisational capabilities.
  • To maintain a successful track record for meeting client objectives.
  • To have the highest Membership satisfaction ratings.
  • To grow significantly to enable us to meet the divisions future commitments.
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