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Capturing Thousands

Pure Spirit Membership aims to attract thousands of readers to the website through 3 avenues, firstly, the marketing of Pure Spirit Therapies , Pure Spirit Creations Consultancy, Lola's Pop up Restaurant, Lola's Mobile Patisserie, secondly, Events and thirdly, via direct marketing of its online resources. Pure Spirit aims to invite readers from the UK and beyond, to use the website, primarily, as an invaluable guide to understanding and manoeuvring the many dimensions of life and health.

We hope our readers will admire us for our uniqueness and originalilty. As our enterprise expands, different types of Membership will become available, so don't miss this opportunity to be involved from conception and take advantage of this almost negligible introductory fee!

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Share Options and Benefits

I'll cover a bit about what Membership will do here with regards to future share options. If the company is successful within 12-24 months of "trading" it will be incorporated. Purchasing Membership for 12-24 months prior to incorporation will allow Members to assist in the development of high quality product lines by being part of a sampling group.

Members will benefit from the development and sophistication of the Unfoldment Approach. Through, therapy, cultivating a well mind, reaching the Crystal Palace - and through our semi exclusive online knowledge bank, preparing yourself for crystal clear goals and materialising your vision and health.

The Knowledge Bank

The development of the Knowledge Bank will help us to better understand the challenges, struggles and triumphs our Members experience or encounter, from your unique perspective and we hope to construct or intuit the most effective and useful tools to assist you.

Food & Beverage Network All In-house Activities: Research -Ingredients, Sourcing Recipes Manufacturing Distribution and Delivery Branding Packaging & Design

Social Network Lovelolgoy - Software (for deeper relating) Soulmates, Twin Flames, Understanding Samsara, Soul Themes & Groups

Much More...............

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