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Membership Features

Features to be rolled out over the next few months

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Archetype Standard Features

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Most Membership features will be introduced after 12 months. However, to ensure that we are building good relations with our Members we have endeavoured to introduce some services such as knowledge and insight through Text to Testimony, business progress reports, accessible only through log in and a few small but interesting and well organised events.

PSC's Business & Your Share Options - be a part of it!
Progress reports, access to plans and notifications of changes...
Text 2 Testimony
Periodic newsletter and the pilot and development of a supporting mini app/feature......
Discounts and Incentives
Competitions, give-aways, prizes, promotions and special offers from High Street Brands and/or Independents...not guaranteed!
Knowledge Generation, Research, Development/Our Product Strategy - your shares!
Food & Beverage, Knowledge, Technology, Treatments..Travel, .
Events & Calender
Workshops, Seminars & Talks - attend and review events, plus access to mini app/feature......

Leisure & Esoteric

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Membership Archetype allows you to become an original Member of a KEY network, participate in and utilise original and first hand research! Our real health conscious information will propel you to great heights in any area of your choice, plus Archetype will take you on a journey through the planets and you can discover more about numbers, our favourite subjects, the universe and whether "things" add up? Members will enjoy this exclusive and innovative feature.......

Business & Entrepreneurialism
Entrepreneurs start-up package inc ideas, planning, design, research etc..
Network Specific Packages
Packages for all, they'll be designed around your network and individual profiles
Health, Spiritual Development & Life/Style
Health & Movement, Food & Beverage, Lifestyle Mngt, Soul Potential, WST..much more!....
Astrological Summaries
Astrological summaries may take the form of charts or planetary interactions, intended to be thought provoking and light hearted.............
Is there any factual or anecdotal link between the power of numbers and our reliance of mathematics in everyday life....exploration and discovery


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Pledge your allegiance. There are envious, financially backed companies and poor (capital) people already stealing our innovation, ideas and philosophy, before we've begun! Sign up now to stop this from continuing.
The Membership services available now are preliminary and should be distinguished from full Membership services, although there is some overlap.

Remember, were are a start up, we cannot tell you everything right now!
Beware of the Counterfit! We must not and cannot be replicated!
If you see our philosophy, idea or make-up being flouted by the uninitiated. Tell them you're saving the planet from Boredom!
Database Driven
All of your information is directly entered into our database held by our webhosts.
Payments are Secure
Your payments are safe using PayPal......
Full Membership
View our online Presentation and read the Terms and Conditions

P.S. Creations Consultancy

Visit Creations Consultancy to view our upcoming Insight into Intellectual Capital and our Introductory Series; research into Utilities, Telecommunications and Health.road works digger in black and white| for Brand, Philosophy & Intuition, Membership, Project Management, Project Manager, Networking, Mind, Body,Entrepreneur, Business Start-Up, Knowledge and Information

Promotional Gift

What will you receive? When your Membership account is active you can view all of your Membership Details when you log in and create your user name and password. If you click on Promotional Gift you can read information about why we chose it, how it was crafted, if at all, and any other interesting facts or information.sml selection of folded fabric| Members promotional gift belonging to different networks Events, Workshops, Seminars, Conferences, Talks, Exhibitions, Performances, Food & Beverage, Meals, Healing, Health, Mind, Body, Entrepreneur, Business Start-Up, Knowledge and Information

Creating a Profile

We capture basic information about you from your Membership application, but creating a more detailed profile, will help us create and tailor present and future services to suit your needs and preferences, unlike tracking cookies, we ask quite specific questions about you so that we can determine where and if we can offer something useful, this is why our Membership is limited to a few, so that we can genuinely focus on what you might need, this not to say that we will not have a Membership that encompasses more Members in the future, but Joining Now at a time of natural exclusivity could bring great benefits.sketch drawing of blazers|for Members Profiles for Events, Workshops, Seminars, Conferences, Talks, Exhibitions, Performances, Food & Beverage, Meals, Healing, Health

"Text 2 Testimony"


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