Removing Obstacles

Clearing the Blocked Path

taken from psu.ed a temporary img Elephants are spectacular creatures with great physical prominence and a rich cultural history, mainly found or originating in Africa and Asia they have a great spiritual significance. Elephants can reach up to 4 meters and weigh up to 7000 kg, if there was ever an obstacle in your way this creature could remove it. When people talk of numbers, I often talk of weight, because it is usually the weight or substance, rather which usually tips the scale. And the expression Wait /Weight or patience, is always required in any form of deliverance and of course the time involved is relative.

Elephants have features that make them inimitable and very crucial creatures their ears are used to regulate and control the temperature of their bodies and they communicate using seismic communication or vibrational rays of the substrate, they are herbivorous and eat leaves.............CONTINUED

twigs, trunk bark and roots,observed as travelling long distances daily, they are seed dispersers, with excellent memory. (The substrate may be the earth, a plant stem or leaf, the surface of a body of water, a spider's web, a honeycomb or any of the myriad types of soil substrates - wiki)

The definition of an obstacle is something that is in the way, prevents, blocks or hinders progress. So is it that if the culmination is not forward-looking, then the obstacle is not an obstacle, and in an equivalent convention that obstacles are made real only by the way that we think, they are usually fashioned and conserved by groups. Who then determines what is progress, the common group or the prevailing dominance? Thus, obstructions that are not physical to an individuals body cannot be obstacles that are unalloyed, and in extremities individuals overcome such harsh physical disabilities, which transform those obstacles into limitations.

Obstacles are therefore things that, in essence, are temporal or permanent and the permanence or truth of an obstacle that is held in the mind, an invisible construct with a material facade, is held under the directive of fate or destiny? And if given some form of physical permanence, are we to assume that the thing to be had or accomplished may not have been progressive?

The Elephant is uniquely associated with the removal obstacles, dependant on energy that is light, and inherent in itself the capacity to conduct vibrational rays, while itself being heavy. Its ears by the very nature of its species, resources wind, not just to regulate its temperature, but to engender movement. It is inarguable that physiologically and symbolically wind is used to vehicle movement or travel, such as when we see a leaf move from one position to another, when we blow a kiss to someone, or even blow out a candle after making a wish, we are witnessing a change in position or are expecting something that we have thought to reach another person or destination, some place where wishes are granted.

Most people that are religious or spiritual often rely on nature in rituals and ceremonies, and meditation and prayer actually or symbolically depend on an identical form of communication, an invisible network, that somehow through a passage that contains no structures, request that an obstacle be removed, which would undoubtedly involve, from a practical standpoint, some type of undoing of what has been done, some travel to a place in time where there was unwanted occurrence, some form of forgiveness required or understanding that would prevent the situation from reoccurring, after the unearthing of such circumstances, new seeds would be planted and those seeds would require water during this time. Technology and Telecommunication are intertwined with these processes.

The removal of an obstacle can either take on conscious or subconscious activity, which can be the group mind or vision or something individual or personal. For example, a current economic condition, that is unwanted may not be understood at a deeper level, and so the efforts of the government to change this condition may act as a request to remove an obstacle, but whilst the superficial externalities or symptoms are understood an addressed the deeper complexities of the situation remain in ignorance, and this is not to be misinterpreted. I will save ignorance for another chapter, but for those keen to contemplate, look at the very behaviour of ignorance, its programme, purpose, how it manoeuvres, operates the equipment that is uses and how it remains alive. Although I have observed it, at a deep level, without judgment, to the point that I would not define it as good or bad, it has never been the right time for me to analyse it comprehensively, although this is in the making. Ordinarily, however, I would classify it as most other people.

Back to obstacles, it may be the action of your present efforts that illustrate that there is something in the past that you would want to change in order to move forward or make progress, but the lack of self- awareness and/or memory, in this context memory can be construed as unawareness or misapprehension of actions and the implications, so memory was absent or a key component to the development of self-awareness.

Anything that is physiologically or some extreme environmental conditions can only really be considered an obstacle, and that is only because we may not have sufficient healing power or/ of ancients deities or gods to change those limitation, or for reasons known to them they are not being exercised and particularly with the former, it would have been the actions of the mind or the environment that make that seem possible or impossible, which is why the elephants physical stature is giving so much reverent symbolism, because as it stands, those are the only real obstacles, that in themselves through perseverance, dignity, fortitude and strength, can be overcome and it is the outcome of such removal of obstacles that the elephant is bestowed with such great virtues, such as happiness, luck, longevity as that is the feeling, circumstance that is created once an obstacle has been removed and as for longevity and patience, it is the tackling of the obstacles from the roots, the training or preparation that an individual or assembly would have undergone to create change so that the fortune produced is irrevocable.

In my work as a healer, the method I use to create change is to understand and use vibrational frequencies, because the obstacles or the clearing of a path is usually something that is not truly material or physical rather they are figments of the mind as we have discussed. This is not to dismiss or trivialise the conditions that nations and people face because in our reality, we might state plainly that we encounter obstacles that appear as real as anything. The principle like attracts like is used in endeavours to affect the nonphysical using spiritual power. In the body, however, the spinal cord has often been associated with the clearing of the path, as it is the physical link to your higher mind and a blockage in the path or The Way can interfere with your communication, not only with God, but with the universe and the mechanism by which change is created and circumstance arise, is always by the principle of cause an effect.

Trees and plants share the similar characteristics with the nervous system, so it is no surprise that the Elephant uses this as its primary source of energy, You Are What You Eat. Symbolically, when a prayer has or will be answered, there is sunshine or light high above, an outpouring or sprinkling of water like a fountain in the sky. I physically feel this without imagination when I meditate or when there is an auspicious moment.

The only real question is will he come again or indeed is he here because the path is clear or because it is blocked!

May 2013

Lola Opeyokun

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